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I can just imagine Blizzard’s developer team meeting: - Good morning. My name is Captain Greed and I was sent by the Activision to be your new executive manager. First things first, scarp all your future PC and console projects and I want you to fully focus on a new mobile Diablo game. My little birds told me that it is a hugely popular franchise and it’s too good to not to have those sweet microtransactions in it. So, chop chop. - But sir, this not what we do in here. - Oh, I understand ... YOU’RE FIRED! Any other questions? That’s what I thought. Now give me that Apple dollars people! Muhhahaha .... - Sir, but wouldn’t that upset our loyal audience? - And who gives a crap about those 30+ neckbeards?! The floss dancing, Fortnite playing, “steal your daddy’s credit card number” kids are the future people! And yeah yeah, I do realise that in a few months time they will all forget about this game, but the amount of money we’re going to make in that time ... oh ... oh god, I think I got a boner ... Muahhahaha! By the way, you’re fired. HAHA*cough**cough*HAHAHA!