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Runa216 said:
Snoopy said:

The government will keep pushing for more "Gun Control" when they find out their last attempt fail like always. Eventually, resulting in banning guns. Look how Chicago has some of the strictest gun control and yet a higher than normal gun-related deaths and politicians are still trying to push for more gun control in Chicago. The end goal of gun control is banning, let no one fool you otherwise.

So, so much wrong here. 

Strawman fallacy followed by a slippery slope fallacy and a false equivalency/Confirmation bias. 

Chicago having higher than average gun crime does not disprove the concept of having stricter laws resulting in better management of the gun problem. Look at virtually every other developed nation in the world for my counterpoint/counter argument. 

Strawman fallacy because you're using the most extreme version of your opponent's argument to make your point; also known as argumentum ad absurdium. (or something like that. The exact spelling is too Latin for my English sensibilities.) 

Slippery slope fallacy is illustrated by the fact that you think that stricter laws will automatically default to that strawman fallacy. This is false, and there is virtually no proof to back up your claim, hence your confirmation bias wherein you find one example (Chicago) that supports your claim while strategically ignoring the overwhelming mountain of evidence to the contrary. 

I repeat: you are clearly not mature enough to be having these discussions if you employ so many fallacious arguments and can't see beyond your own bias. 

It isn't a fallacy when it's been proven time and time again more government control means fewer freedoms for the citizens. The government is full of dangerous and corrupt people. They will keep extending their reach and eventually go to the extreme as we seen before multiple times. Which means taking away our guns.  If you checked my link, you will see Crowder debunks the develop nation argument because it is misleading.

One of his many great arguments is most gun crime occurs in heavily populated areas such as cities and the united states is third worldwide regarding the number of cities with over 100k people. That's why many crime bureaus admit it is pretty much impossible to compare crime across different countries

However, keep up with the insults when people have a different opinion than you. Shows us how "mature" you really are. I can see you like government control since you are a socialist. That's good, maybe you can join the caravan with the rest of the socialists and educate us all on the wonders of socialism.


Last edited by Snoopy - on 30 October 2018