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The_Yoda said:
SuaveSocialist said:

1.  It would be very in character for it to seem that way to you. 

2.  That would be silly indeed.  Good thing that’s not what I want.

3.  Nope. That is not why I am here.

4.  Do you have another link for me? 

5.  Your deduction process is most illogical, given the content/specifics in our conversations.

6. Possibly. Your illogic could be to blame.

7.  Is that your frustration?  Not sure why you’re asking me.

3.  1. Why are you here?

2. Constantly calling the U.S West Korea seems like trolling to me.

3. Are you just here to troll?

1. (On this site): because I live on a remote island I have established a presence on various websites to stay current on world events.  This one I use to be aware of video game stuff, but I do not find them an engaging subject of discussion so I generally lurk on those threads.

(in this thread): Because people keep talking to me and I’ve got a couple days before the next land mass appears on the horizon.  Nothing better to do at the moment, so I reply. 

2. Constantly behaving badly on the world stage under the “leadership” of an inept, despot wannabe has earned that nation the moniker West Korea.  It’s a harsh criticism, but it is not trolling.  It would be nice for Amer ica to return to the world stage in its former competence.  No one wants me to stop saying West Korea more than me.

3. No, I am not, so I do not.