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sc94597 said:
SuaveSocialist said:

The reason being that I understand what words mean, and I can read them as they are written.

You...not so sure.  Too much evidence to the contrary.

1. It seems to me as if you want me to limit my reasoning capabilities to induction with no capacity to make  other types of inferences. 

2. That would be silly.

3. But of course you are here to debate

4. Then when called out on the oversimplification of it all, you say "that isn't what I wrote, read what I wrote."

5.  Well when what you write is general all that is left is deduction. 

6. Possibly the problem isn't my literacy

7. Or possibly the frustration is that you don't address even a third of what was written?

1.  It would be very in character for it to seem that way to you. 

2.  That would be silly indeed.  Good thing that’s not what I want.

3.  Nope. That is not why I am here.

4.  Do you have another link for me? 

5.  Your deduction process is most illogical, given the content/specifics in our conversations.

6. Possibly. Your illogic could be to blame.

7.  Is that your frustration?  Not sure why you’re asking me.