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sc94597 said:
JRPGfan said:

Thats the sh*tty part.
It ll take years and years before you see a good "effect" from banning guns, simply because of how many guy idoits allowed to go into circulation.

But ban guns, and 30 years down the line Im sure you ll see a postive effect.
I mean if it works everywhere else in the world, why wouldnt it work in the USA? or Brazil?

Other countries, which banned weapons outright (there are few) introduced their bans well before there was an accumulation of weapons. Japan was doing it since the 16th century.

What you are asking is for either 1. an ineffective policy or 2. the criminalization of otherwise peaceful people and more excuses for police brutality.


My policy is usually, "police first." If the police disarm first, then I might support putting weapons in collective municipal caches for common use, otherwise why should the common people be disarmed?

Because the "common" people are part of the problem.
And yes its gonna be hard and take forever to get all those weapons out of circulation.

But do you know what happends if you dont try?

Shit will never get fixed.

Theres a hole in my roof..... oh well it ll just drip abit, and i ll fix it by saying "thoughts and prayers".
Nothing will change unless you guys decide it needs doing.

And realistically the only way is a total ban, because regulation just doesnt work.
The sooner it goes into effect, the sooner things get better.