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CuCabeludo said:

i can tell you that here in Brazil, gun control didnt work, homicides are on 30/100.000 (In US is at 4/100.000). The criminals are the only ones with access to guns, armed to the teeth even with military equipment.

When you criminalize guns, only criminals get them, it's a saying over here.

In brazil its still legal to own a gun.
Thats why it failed.

If you can legally buy a gun, some idiot is going to give it or sell it to a criminal, or a criminal will buy one legally...... somehow they ll find there ways into the hands of criminals.
That is the problem.

"When you criminalize guns, only criminals get them, it's a saying over here."

And when you can legally buy a gun, guns will circulate and eventually land in the hands of a criminal.
Then it becomes a bloodbath..... civilians arnt ment to protect society, and take on crime.

Its best if no one has guns, and you leave the work to the cops and military.


Imo this is just proof, that it doesnt work, to allow a population to buy guns.
Regulation doesnt work for sh*t.

Ban all guns = violence drops, gun shootings ect.

Let the police do their jobs, and give them like 20-30 years to get all the guns in circulation destroyed and away from people.
Results will be seen then, in brazil like everywhere else in the world where you cant buy guns.