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If you know about history and keeping countries free. Never ban guns. That is the short term impulse reaction. You don't ban clothes cleaner because a bunch of idiots wana eat tide pods or ban bleach because people drink it. You don't ban cars because idiots run people over/drive drunk/ high. We could endlessly debate if there should be more strict laws of some kind and Im for that as long as its not to intrusive. But again ...never ban...guns.

People that are law abiding and good only get hurt when you ban guns because now they can't protect themselves against any form of tyranny. And they would be to afraid of acquiring them illegally because of the consequences because you know they want to do better for themselves and have families to raise/protect them going to jail or getting a hefty fine would be the end. Criminals however and people that don't care about life will do not care about ramifications at all or much less than a law abiding person. Bad people/criminals GET THE GUNS NO MATTER WHAT only good people will be afraid to acquire them illegally, ala what happened in France and other places not to long ago. Or just go about it in another way to hurt others.

Iv never touched a gun or even been around one. But I know their significance to keeping countries truly free in the long run. Remember free countries can't be turned over night it's a slow incremental process for tyranny to take over.