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PAOerfulone said:

What we need (Minimum):
- Far stricter background checks across all 50 states.
- Age restriction on all purchases (18 years of age to purchase/own handguns; 21 years of age to purchase assault rifles; Exceptions can be made to military members.)
- A Driver's License like system towards owning and purchasing a gun. - Training and testing (physical and especially mental) that requires all applicants to pass with a certain score (85 or above) and approval from gun-wielding officials (police officers, trainers, etc.) in order for them to gain a gun license that shows they have been deemed physically and mentally responsible to own a gun and they understand and know how to respond accordingly to situations where they may have to use their guns for self-protection and the protection of others.

What we will get:
- Thoughts and prayers.

The NRA will never allow any of that.  They have their pawns in place and many of them would consider going against the NRA to be political suicide.  My state's Senators have "A+" ratings from the NRA, which certainly isn't a coincidence.  They wait to find out what the NRA wants before they vote.  

Rather than new regulations making their way through, the NRA sponsors bill after bill that chip away at anything already in place.  Right now, my state requires a permit and background check for any and all handgun purchases, but the NRA attacks that law on a never-ending basis, including motions to remove mental health restrictions from the permit process.

That's the NRA and they're one of the most powerful forces in modern politics.