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I've put about 12-15 hours into the game, and if I would review the game now I would be talking so much trash I'm sure I'd be banned. Hate so many things about this game, when I love GTA's and RDR1. Man did they ever fuck up, I honestly don't get how they have a 97 metacritic score. Anyways, I might type up some thoughts after another try at this game. Today I instantly quit after I tried to steal an item in an empty store, and 3 witnesses saw me. $28 bounty instantly and getting shot at for a $3 item. Last night it was a mob hunting me down for animal cruelty after I shot a bird. But a little before this, I accidentally shot my gun and it hit a house. I was wanted for vandalism.

Not a fun experience. The Witcher 3 did many of these same mechanics, but in that, least it was fun. PS: The horse controls and mechanics are so freaking bad! And don't even get me started on the weapon de-equiping! f&!@