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KazumaKiryu said:
DonFerrari said:

Yakuza 1 I'm saying is the one on PS2, haven't played the remake, perhaps it will be even more glorious to look at (I didn't like the Yakuza I played on PS3 though, was boring). To much games to play =p and I need to give RDR2 a try as well in your honor.

Will say that Shenmue 3 looks good for a "indie" even more if it have 100h of gameplay.

Oh, I understand :) Lack of time and too many new games, that's of course a problem :) Have fun with your games!
Personally, I found only Yakuza 3 mediocre, but everyone else great. (the japanese cultur is
one of the big reasons for my Shenmue/Yakuza-interest)

It's time for a new Shenmue 3 presentation (hopefully early 2019) *-*

Yep I love Japan.

John2290 said:
I know I played Medievil however I can't remember it so I have no expectations. Only heard of Shenmu after the kickstarter and the remasters seemed less than stellar. Again, no expectations.

Never played Shenmue nor MediEvil, but the first made me interested.

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