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quickrick said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

I have to admit I thought Quickrick was talking about Worlwide. My bad. And so, the cycle I mentioned in my last reply will continue onward!

I guess it's not that crazy of a prediction. The problem I have with it is that so far the Xbox is only in the lead by 300k, which is not a lot considering that the Switch has had a pretty horrid 1st party selection until the last two months of the year (popularity-wise). I ... guess I could see it happening. I mean, it's reasonable. I just don't think it will.

I think when ps5 and xbox 2 come out switch will be slow down considerably.

Yeah, Switch will than definitely start failing of a cliff. :D

Joke aside, when PS5 and XB2 come out, Switch will still have two its main points for selling, Nintendo games and hybrid nature that PS5/XB2 probably will not have. So nothing really will change for Switch, especially because Switch will probably in that time period have price point of around $200 with already strong built in line up of games while PS5/XB2 will be $400+ consoles. You can look even current situation, PS4/XB1 dont effect on Switch sales and Switch sales dont effect on PS4/XB1 sales, same will be with PS5/XB2.