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Snoopy said:
CaptainExplosion said:

No, just saying they're not the ones being shot by cops despite being unarmed, made to remove religious headgear, or being denied jobs for their race, but enough of that, fuck EA.

1. Are you saying no whites that are unarmed get killed by cops? LOL. There was a study by Harvard that shows it 20% less likely a cop would shoot a black man than a white man in the same circumstance. Here is a discussion about it.

2. White's wear religious headgear as well because religion isn't just held for one race.

3. I guess we didn't have a black president or affirmative action to help minorities except if it comes to Asians because fuck rewarding smart people.

Normally I wouldn't get involved, but all your links referenced one person. Which to me showed that you only looked at 1 source. So to open your mind a little. 

Lets sit down with some statistics first shall we? Proportionally who logically should be the most shot down race in the US? From an objectified point of view, white people. Why? because if you are including hispanics, WHITE PEOPLE make up 76.6% of the population! So as of the US 2017 census  with the population of US sitting at: 325,719,178 that means ~249,500,890 are white. Now lets compare it to black people. Black people are sitting at about 13.4% or ~ 43,646,370. To give you a rough estimate here, but that means for every black person there's 6 whites. 1:6.

With that background knowledge all nice and set up for you, lets dive right into crime statistics shall we?

First shootings: According to statistia (a compiled statistical analysis website from over 20,000 sources) in 2017, 223 black people were shot versus 457 whites. "Damn, more white people were shot! Racism is a lie!" WROOONNNNNNGGG. Lets just compare this number to that old population thingy we outlined earlier. So (223/43,646,370)*100% = 5.1*10^-4% versus whites at 1.81*10^-4%. Stacking that up cause I love ratios, that roughly equates to 3:1. For every white man shot, I got 3 black bodies. <--- HOLY EFF. World we got a problem.

You must be thinking, wait that's probably cause the crimes that black people committed were simply more dangerous. WHELP,NO. So according to the FBI data of 2012, 62.7% of unarmed people killed by police in the US are minorities.

Just to add on to this, here's the homicide death rates in the US by race, as written by CNN

Here is showing you that even with the crimes are exactly the same, black people are punished for it more severely.

url =

The statistics going into hijabs specifically isn't available. Instead I'll be speaking from a muslim perspective, that is apart of my local and city mosque. As well as well informed in my country. So with that being said, regardless of whether white people wore hijabs or toufees you guys weren't forced to racial slurs or physical violence. You weren't told to go back to your home country when you practice a religion. You never faced a lack of job opportunity because you guys are the only ones who get to be who you are. According to a study conducted by both Ryerson and the University of Toronto where researchers sent out almost 13,000 fake résumés to over 3,000 job postings with all the qualifications exactly the same the only difference being name. Somehow or another those with ethnic names were 28% less likely to even be considered for an interview. 28%! that's no coincidence.

What you face as racism, downplays the word. As a race, all other minorities are subjugated to being less, that is true racism.