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There are strong rumours backed up by job openings that suggest SSM are setting up a new team to work on a non GOW game. Sony have just blown everything out of the park with their exclusive spiderman marvel deal. Proving they can do the licensed game thing as good as any. By enrolling Insomniac they developed a blockbuster. 


So with that in mind, imagine Sony approached MGM for the rights to develop a game based on the fellowship of the ring. Developed by SSM's second team. Sony would look like a trustworthy partner after pulling off Spiderman. But more importantly I'd highlight GOW. For anyone who has played GOW on the ps4 I'm sure you can see some similarities to The fellowship of the ring. From climbing a snowy mountain, travelling through dwarf mines containing a fire breathing monster, an elven realm, the sound track, crossing lake by canoe, a river containing 2 giant statues on each side, witches, forests filled with dangerous beasts, an axe, a tale of companions travelling a long and dangerous path to a mountain, humour of some characters, magic. So many similarities that tell me SSM have the ability to recreate TLOTR to a high level.


Back on PS2 TLOTR were very popular. I believe a new video game trilogy developed by SSM and published by Sony for the PS5 would be huge. Top quality game with 10m+ sales. The Two Towers 3 years later and then TROTK would be on PS6. To me this all makes so much sense.


Now keep giving Warner Bros the rights to make their own games in this universe but sell Sony the rights to make games based on the trilogy.