LittleSnake said:
Azuren said:
"She got kids"

How dare she reproduce before meeting you?

There's nothing wrong with someone not wanting to date someone who has kids 

You've just earned another thumbsup.

Slade6alpha said:

Smoking/heavy drug use
Bad manners
Has kids
Trump supporter

Edit: Face tatoos 


VAMatt said:
Snoorlax said:

Yeah it's even worse when that friend is a cockblocker.

Is there any other reason that she would bring a friend?  I always figured they were there to cock block. 

Apparentely there are some grownass women that are too shy or scared to be alone with a guy on a date so they invite their best friend just to make her feel comfortable or share her thoughts about the dude which usually ends up being cockblocking.

Snoopy said:
Azuren said:

As a divorced father who has actually gone through the system and seen how it works:


Stick to topics you actually know about. You don't pay child support because kids think you're the dad. If you're not on the birth certificate and haven't gone through the trouble of legally adopting the child, you're not paying child support.

Here are multiple cases and discussions on both kids viewing you as the father or the single mother listing your name on social benefits. (child by consent section)

"Laws favor someone being named the father because they do not want a child going through life fatherless. The equitable doctrine of estoppel applies to persons who have for all practical purposes consented to being dad, regardless of paternity. The basic theory is that since you acted like a parent and permitted the child to believe you were their father, the child now has a right to rely on your representation that you are their father. "

Here you go, bucko. The moral of the story? Stay away from single mothers.

Whether you pay child support by law or out of cuckness, single moms will eventually expect you to provide for both her and her child sooner rather than later. So yeah single moms are a no go.

Rob5VGC said:
1. I don't do MILF's. I look at them, but that's it.

Tattoo's... or at least have a small one that looks nice.
Smoking. She's going to have that smoking granny voice when she gets old.

Some other stuff.

I like MILFs for hookups nothing serious.