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StreaK said:
Jumpin said:
Conor got manhandled. Khabib murdered him.

Damn fucking straight he was murdered. Apparently I read the judges awarded the 3rd round to McGregor. I simply laughed. Must have been out of sympathy lol. Poor guy.

Also, there's talk now that Khabib is turning down $15 million for rematch with McGregor. I don't think it's real but I do believe he'll be turning down a shit load of cash for a rematch and rightfully so. Good for him. This guy is calling the shots and poor Dana is soon gonna learn the hard way he won't get everything he wants. Khabib just wants a victory with Ferguson now and then is looking to retire. But, will UFC offer him that? Who knows and who cares. He wins in the end victorious. I have a feeling they're all gonna want Khabib to stick around, though. He's the big boy now everyone is talking about.


Conor: "But,'s just business." LMFAO. Always business when getting your ass handed to ya.

Don't be fooling yourself. Mcgregor the most powerful fighter ever in the ufc was removed from ufc 200 because he didn't do what they wanted. If khabib doesn't listen they will strip him and the division moves on.


And murdered? Please. There were fighters on the same card that night that took serious damage. Their heads cut open and some knock out cold. Mcgregor got off very lightly.