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quickrick said:
Kerotan said:

Khabib could have chose a realistic place. Not cornering him 6 vs 1. Mcgregor cornered him then 15 vs 2. The fact you are bending over backwards trying to justify khabibs thuggery says it all. Unlike you, I'm not biased and i accept both sides are wrong. 


Oh so now mcgregor with the bus was just pr? Oh OK cool then. Its just pr that went wrong. Mcgregor isn't a thug then. Glad you cleared that one up too xD

khabib is gangsta, there is no way he would have had his boys jump in, he would beat up artem easily. I never said that mcgregor is a thug, but they are totally different type of people imo, conor is all about the entertainment and getting in people's head by saying offensive things, and being disrespectful.  khabib is just about business, and talking a bit of of trash talk to give him personality.

That's just wrong. Khabib has always said he isn't about business and doesn't do trash talk. His own words. Are you just making things up at this point?