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quickrick said:
Kerotan said:

Khabib could have text artem and met him like a man. This is too easy haha. You just keep shooting yourself in the foot. In fairness everybody who argues with you is made appear extremely defensive. Its just the effect you have. 

LOL khabib went up, and asked him were you talking shit about me like a man, and artem shit his pants out, he knew khabib would beat his ass, that's why mcgregor probably made a big deal, he made his boy look like a coward. i mean will know all the  guy is the most dominate ufc fighter ever, still blows my mind in his 27 fights never been rocked and leaves the ring with hardly a scratch. mgregor didn't have to text khabib but he could have chose  a realistic place to start a fight, it was obviously just PR.    

Khabib could have chose a realistic place. Not cornering him 6 vs 1. Mcgregor cornered him then 15 vs 2. The fact you are bending over backwards trying to justify khabibs thuggery says it all. Unlike you, I'm not biased and i accept both sides are wrong. 


Oh so now mcgregor with the bus was just pr? Oh OK cool then. Its just pr that went wrong. Mcgregor isn't a thug then. Glad you cleared that one up too xD