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Kerotan said:
quickrick said:

McGregor is a different beast hes the money fight  everyone wants to talks shit to him get a fight if they can but artem had nothing to do with khabib.

Artem was asked a question by a journalist and he answered


He didn't just randomly bring khabib


By that biased logic khabib is a big name so it's OK for artem to talk shit about him. see here you go again, everyone has the right to talk shit about mcgregor because he's the money fight, but it's not OK for the ufc to give mcgregor preferential treatment because he's the money man. hopefully you actually realise how biased you are. mcgregor haters in mma are the worst. so many holes in their argument as they bandwagon from 1 mcgregor openent to the next.

if someone talked shit about McGregor and he confronted in a manly way i would think it was gangsta what he did with the bus incident was pure PR  stunt, he could have texted khabib and told him meet up like a man, instead going somewhere were there was ton of security and cameras.


i actually like McGregor, and not a hater, but  you extremely defensive of him for no reason.

Last edited by quickrick - on 20 October 2018