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Kerotan said:
quickrick said:

well khabib's was a natural reaction. conor started talking about his people and father so khabib did the same, conor got to khabib mentally, before that khabib never really got peronal with opponents while McGregor was to always get to there head.

This is the ultimate bias right here. Conveniently forgot mcgregor going after khabib was a natural reaction after khabib made things personal by cornering artem and slapping him. I've told you this twenty times but you keep ignoring it. The reason being is if you acknowledge it, you can't keep the argument going. At this rate I'm gonna fall off a cliff. 

artem was talking mad shit, about someone not even in his division. so he got a baby slap what's the big deal, megregor just ate punches in the ring by kahbib team, and he aint even making a big deal about it. the thing that happened to artem was a normal beef with someone that's vey common in the UFC.

Last edited by quickrick - on 19 October 2018