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Kerotan said:
adisababa said:
Sold minimum of 5 million to a maximum of 8 million in 3 days. Those decrease in physical sales don't matter at all.

Yeah 500m is pretty outstanding. Next year will decline most likely. Probably MW4, Advanced Warfare 2 or new ip. I have w feeling if it's not MW4 they'll probably bundle mw2 remastered with it to boost sales and revenue. But if mw4 is next year they'll probably wait for the next cod to do the remaster. 

I doubt it, I'm pretty sure next year we'll get Modern Warfare 4. It's a highly regarded series in the COD franchise and with that IP alone, the game will sell like hotcakes. I'd be more concerned about 2020, that's where COD will be at a huge crossroads. Activision doesn't have the Black Ops or the Modern Warfare IP to carry COD that year.

That's where Sledgehammer will really have to try and make the best new IP they can. My guess is that the 2020 COD will have a historical setting.