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quickrick said:
Kerotan said:

Are you talking about khabib below because last i remember he said mcgregors grandfather was a traitor and killed his own prople. Do you honestly think you are partial on this issue? 


I can't speak for Ganoncrotch but I'm w fan of both khabib, mcgregor and the ufc. You just come across as a mcgregor hater. No wonder your arguments are so impartial. 

"you are ok, with people trash talking about family, which is childish and stupid imo"




well khabib's was a natural reaction. conor started talking about his people and father so khabib did the same, conor got to khabib mentally, before that khabib never really got peronal with opponents while McGregor was to always get to there head.

I'm with you 100%.   Khabib is always respectfull with his opponents, and his attitude is on another league compared to the arrogant Irish "chicken".  Conor always attack his opponents and use the trash talking all the time, and so many times he said and did things outside the limit.  Khabib was pushed to his limits with the trash talking and facts like the bus, and still getting insulted during the match by Dillon. And if this was not enough, Conor kneeled in the face of Khabib, while on ground, completely forbidden, and continued to keep Khabib's gloves very often, or cling to the cage, equally forbidden and was not called sufficiently to respect the rules. Khabib had to ask for this.

 It's a business, like Conor said, and all was very well prepared by the MMA itself, Dana White and Conor, who is a tool !

 With this I'm not saying that Khabib did right to jump out from the cage, I'm simply saying that the system is broken and corrupted, and after all the crap happened before and during the match(probably ""organized"" or ""encouraged"" by Dana White and company), people was ONLY pointing the fingers to a jump from the cage...this is hypocrisy and madness at the highest level.

 Probably many forgot about Conor jumping outside and even inside the cage for apperently much less pressure than the one Khabib's endured, with no consequences...

 THIS IS A BUSINESS, and dirty.

”Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

Harriet Tubman.