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Ganoncrotch said:
quickrick said:

a bit late to reply.  obviously everyone has a opinion you are ok, with people trash talking about family, which is childish and stupid imo. i don't know how you get extreme bias from me being  on khabib side, but what ever. obviously no one is a saint, this a blood sport,  khabib can talk shit, he just doesn't go over the limit, the fact is most UFC fighters/broadcasters say he's a good guy should say enough, while mcgregor is just known as the best trash talker in the sport that can back it up.

As he said in the ring, it's business, he is marketed as being notorious and sells ppvs like no one else because of that character.

I would no more think too much about the things he says than I believe the undertaker in wwe captures his rivals souls or that Arnie is a time traveling death robot, what is presented in all 3 cases is a marketing tool to sell more tickets. Each one works great.

A lot of ppv buys happened because people want to see him beat, Dana knows that's money as does Conor.

 i think he would still be a huge star and ppv with out over doing it in the trash talking. i mean his famous line is who the fook is that guy is just hilarious, hes funny, a good looking guy, and his stand up is a thing of beauty, and he was dominating everyone till diaz fight, his trash talking is funny, no need for the racist remarks, and bringing in family. just look at floyd he talks shit and is the king of ppv buys but his trash talking doesn't cross the line. its really hard to believe kahbib and Conor was just all busniess or maybe it was you never know.

Last edited by quickrick - on 18 October 2018