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KManX89 said:
flashfire926 said:
If this says anything, it is that physical games are dwindling away by the day. I fully expect the PS5 and Xbox 2 to be the last consoles with a disk drive.

Digital is the future, face it.

The only thing this "says" is that Activi$ion are scumbags. They intentionally put a 50 GB day 1 patch for the physical edition to gimp players into buying it digitally. They did the same shit with BO3's Back in Black map pack and Spyro: Reignited Trilogy (until the backlash).

You think most casuals that buy the give a shit about any of that? All they need is enough space for the latest fifa and the latest cod, and that's it. There is proof of digital sales rising, and the percentage of total games being bought is slowly shifting toward digital as well.

Well, I do agree that activision are scumbags, but there are many other reasons to think that that are much more serious than this is.

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