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quickrick said:
Ganoncrotch said:

Just in case you think people not replying to you means you are correct, no, Kerotan is vastly more in the right throughout this, I just stopped replying to you when your bias against one side shines so clearly, also your inability to spell his name correctly makes reading your posts hard and justifying replying to them even harder. I'm not sure if you write posts in a hurry or what is going on with them but I find them painful.

I stopped replying simply because your feelings on this matter shine clearly from early on that you are not viewing both men without bias before you start to form an opinion, you have a preference for one and disdain for the other, feels like it would be like trying to convince a fish to walk on land, he isn't going to like it and he would die if he moved to the other side of the fence.

I always say to think about certain arguments like this, does the guy dressed mostly in used newspapers yelling "the end is nigh" have a point about the end of the world because no one is stopping to tell him otherwise? No, people don't stop to discuss it because there is no discussion to be had... and he smells like urine.

I'm just saying... you posted a lot in Switch related news and I replied a few times.... then stopped, posted a bit on this subject and I replied... then stopped. You feel kinda similar about both things I think.

TL:DR - Not replying =/= Agreement with you.

Pardon the slightly off topic, just wanted to clarify, Kerotan is correct(imo). Neither guys are a saint and you falling for the heel antics is a testament to Conor and his $ value.

a bit late to reply.  obviously everyone has a opinion you are ok, with people trash talking about family, which is childish and stupid imo. i don't know how you get extreme bias from me being  on khabib side, but what ever. obviously no one is a saint, this a blood sport,  khabib can talk shit, he just doesn't go over the limit, the fact is most UFC fighters/broadcasters say he's a good guy should say enough, while mcgregor is just known as the best trash talker in the sport that can back it up.

Are you talking about khabib below because last i remember he said mcgregors grandfather was a traitor and killed his own prople. Do you honestly think you are partial on this issue? 


I can't speak for Ganoncrotch but I'm w fan of both khabib, mcgregor and the ufc. You just come across as a mcgregor hater. No wonder your arguments are so impartial. 

"you are ok, with people trash talking about family, which is childish and stupid imo"