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Kerotan said:
quickrick said:

Like i said i have never really seen it to this extreme in a sport, like in the ufc.

Do i have to answer why or do you need me to tell you again? It's because mcgregor is by far the biggest star the ufc has ever had. Ffs he just earned more in his loss to khabib then the entire ufc roster did combined in 2018. Mcgregor is a phenom and a global star like Mike tyson or Ali. 


Anyway dana said this today. 


"UFC 229 destroyed anything that’s ever been done as far as sports goes on social media"

i really dont care how much money he earns UFC already are doing good anyway not like he saved them, but you cant ban a fighter for  life  for something small like defending his his teammates and then not even get suspension for doing much worse. thankfully looks like the situation is getting solved with khabib and no one will be banned.