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thismeintiel said: 

How about you stop parroting CNN?

And them coming out now talking about how it didn't affect them hiring her (though, one did admit it was discussed) is just them saving their own asses.  They were lied to by a white woman claiming to be Cherokee, a nation that has now come out and denounced her and her claims.  They were under incredible pressure to diversity hire.  And the article being written just a mere year after her hiring means what?  If anything, that helps my point.  They were still getting pressure, so why not have an article talking about Harvard's first woman of color.  Something I don't believe she forced them to recant at the time.

You can continue to believe lies and continue to move goalposts from "she is Indian" to "well, she has very distant blood relation so that counts" all you want, but its not going to work.  She lied about being a Cherokee.  She lied in a printed book.  She lied on multiple job applications trying to get a leg up in a environment looking to hire people with diverse ethnicity.  With the growing amount of hypocrisy and mental gymnastics the Left is showing to back their side, it's no wonder people are walking away.

I don't doubt that people are walking away.  I want nothing to do with the "Left".  Of course, after watching people on the "Right" do the exact same thing with Trump's many, many lies, it's not like anyone is going to seek shelter in that direction, either.  Trump could tell us he's half black and start using "nigga" in his speeches and FOX News would run a one hour special celebrating him as the first Real American minority President.  As for this particular situation, though, who really gives a damn?  I don't.  On the list of lies told by politicians, this is one where all I can do is shrug.  I literally do not care about this one way or another and most people are probably rolling their eyes over the whole thing relative to both sides trying to make a big deal out of it.

As far as hypocrisy goes, wouldn't that also apply to people who make a big deal about one fabrication yet suddenly turn blind about others?  We have a lot of people on this website who seem to get outraged by the bad behavior of politicians ... but only when it comes from one side.  I really don't want to hear about hypocrisy from that group.