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NintendoCM said:

The issue isn't Warren's *True* claims but our presidents ability to lie through his teeth and lose no support. As someone from Mass I know all about the "Pocahontas" reality. She stated in a campaign ad she had native ancestry and was ripped to shreds. Now she proves that she wasn't lying and people bash her? The main issue is how Trump stated he would donate One Million dollars to a charity of her choice and now after it actually happening he said "who cares?". The U.S president is a compulsive liar.

Quit playing loose with the facts.  Especially when we have video to prove what she actually said.  She didn't just claim to have some distant ancestry, which most Americans have, she claimed her mother had so much Cherokee and Delaware blood that her father's family rejected her.  She claimed she was a Cherokee in a Cookbook about Native American foods (a recipe she stole from a French chef) and on her job applications.  Trump, likewise, said if she could prove she actually was Indian, he would donate.  Guess what?  She proved the exact opposite.

LudicrousSpeed said:

“It wouldn't be a problem if this was just a family story that she later found out was wrong.  She didn't keep it just a story when she started labeling herself as a minority and was hired as Harvard's first woman of color.”

She was hired in 1995. The article that came out labeling her Harvard’s “woman of color” came out a year later. An article and label she distanced from and had no idea where it came from or why it came up. Multiple sources confirmed years ago her heritage had nothing to do with her career.

So essentially you’re using decades old article long since debunked to try and twist a situation into something it wasn’t. The very fact that she’d agree to take the DNA analysis and release the results should prove to any logical person that she wasn’t acting intentionally dishonest. 

Try to make your own arguments, don’t parrot Fox News LOL.

How about you stop parroting CNN?

And them coming out now talking about how it didn't affect them hiring her (though, one did admit it was discussed) is just them saving their own asses.  They were lied to by a white woman claiming to be Cherokee, a nation that has now come out and denounced her and her claims.  They were under incredible pressure to diversity hire.  And the article being written just a mere year after her hiring means what?  If anything, that helps my point.  They were still getting pressure, so why not have an article talking about Harvard's first woman of color.  Something I don't believe she forced them to recant at the time.

You can continue to believe lies and continue to move goalposts from "she is Indian" to "well, she has very distant blood relation so that counts" all you want, but its not going to work.  She lied about being a Cherokee.  She lied in a printed book.  She lied on multiple job applications trying to get a leg up in a environment looking to hire people with diverse ethnicity.  With the growing amount of hypocrisy and mental gymnastics the Left is showing to back their side, it's no wonder people are walking away.