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quickrick said:
Kerotan said:

OK so you're not denying that Jones isn't a bigger scumbag then mcgregor. Well good to see you at least don't see mcgregor as the worst human on the ufc roster.


And you are 100% right. Mcgregors actions directly affected the ufc. It help sell what would become their biggest PPV event of all time. 2.4m buyers baby!! Red Night for everybody, especially the ufc.


And guess what. The ufc will want the minimum punishment for khabib too because his disgraceful actions after the fight help make a rematch even bigger. If khabib gets harsh punishment it's the fault of the athletic commission that authorised the fight not the ufc. 

but thats my main point, if your a star you can do what ever you like, but if your not you get banned for anything, it's extreme double standard.

Khabib is a star. Everyone knows the big stars get away with more then nobodys. That's how the world works and always has. Get over it.