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Snoopy said:
Microsoft buying Obsidian is one of the best things for the industry. Obsidian was tanking really badly.

How is it "one of the best thing for the industry"? It would be a good thing if they are able to exceed their current standard. But with Microsoft i have my doubt they will, neither in quality nor technically.


And where did you get the information they "tanked really badly"? I'd do a thourough web search, but isnt really of importance. Because it is the same story as with NinjaTheory. "Independent" studios of their size and scale of production are constantly in a critical financial situation.


 "We just want to be in a financial situation where we're not worried all the time"


Isnt it ironic? How dependent those indie studios are, and striving for (financual) independence, they seek to make themselves dependent?

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