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quickrick said:
Kerotan said:

It's a fact not a comparison. They are in the ring in s brutal sport where their opponent can be killed and they are illegally enhancing their strength. That is pure scum. 


Jon hit a pregnant woman while driving under the influence and ran from the scene. That's 10 times worse then what mcgregor has done outside the octagon. Yet he got special ufc treatment. Hopefully you now see the light and understand mcgregor isn't the only one. If you were a hard-core fan for years like myself you'd already know this. 

what jon jones did was messed up, but it had nothing to do with the UFC, what conor did has everything  to do with UFC, he attacked a bus full of ufc fighters. steroids is basically cheating, but ufc fighters can easily kill somone with out the  steroids.

Omg omg lmao just stop hahaha ha. They both did it outside the octagon. Jones is a much bigger scumbag. At least mcgregor had a reason to go after khabib. Did the pregnant woman corner one of jon Jones friends? Doubt it. 


You're probably the only person at least in the last year to try and vindicate Jones. Just no!