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Kerotan said:
quickrick said:

I don't why i even bother. there is a huge fucking  difference between fights between 2 guys or even teams to what conor did, he got 3 fights cancelled, and injured several people those guys you mention didn't, what defense you are gonna use, in those incidents nobody really got hurt and no fights were cancelled, what conor did was on a different level of stupid, that dolly could have easily killed somone and it was would have been directly his fault. 

khabib is responsible fo what happened, but his isn't responsible for jumping and hitting conor, they were just defending there team.

Ridiculous logic again.

One of the guys who jumped in and punched the back of mcgregors head wasn't officially on team khabib. He was sitting officially as a spectator. There were 2 sitting here. 1 went over and punched Danis and the other jumped in and punched mcgregor on the back of his head. 
He should never be allowed at a ufc event again. If a friend of mcgregor jumped in as a spectator and punched khabib I would say the exact same. I wouldn't try to ridiculously spin it and justify it. 
I find it crazy you actually try downplay drug cheats like brock or Jones. These guys are drug cheats and hit hard. Fighters have taken serious damage while losing to these opponents in the past and there they are cheating illegally enhancing their performance. 
I'd have respect for you if you dropped the anti mcgregor bias and took a logical and partial stand point.
I'm repeating myself now but just sit back and take this in. You just said that mcgregor injured prople but drug cheats like brock and Jones didn't. That's wrong on so many levels both inside and outside the octagon. 

well i'm not talking about the spectator, i'm talking about the guy that was fighting for UFC that was on team khabib, he shouldn't be banned. as for drug cheats yea they should be banned, but jones was supposedly just sex pills, it was such a low amount that the benefit and risk wouldn't be worth it from what i read.  

as for brock and jones injuring people they are in the ring with because of steroids, that's a silly as a comparison  can get, in the ring you are supposed to hurt people.

Last edited by quickrick - on 15 October 2018