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Kerotan said:
quickrick said:

i really have no problem with McGregor hes seems like a cool guy, but hes a  extreme shit talker imo.

as  for biased logic. if macgregor didnt throw a  sucker punch first it would be cool, the jumping in deserves the ban but those fighters were doing whats natural it was melee because of khabib but conor is the one that brought it to the ring. i don't expect anyone from both sides to watch there teammate get punched in the face and just stand there. lets be real here anyone else in ufc would have been banned if they got 3 fights canceled and people injured with the bus incident. only McGregor could get away with it.

Againmore fake news from you. Only mcgregor could get away with it? Do you even watch ufc? Cormier and Jon Jones had a fist fight at a face off and they dished out no serious punishment and the fight wasn't cancelled.


Speaking of jon Jones he's a terrible repeat offender when it comes to drug cheatinga and he received ridiculously light punishment and his return is for the belt. So only mcgregor gets preferential treatment? I can already tell you're not a hard core ufc fan like me. Brock lesner another example and there are many more. f


On the night khabibstarted the post fight melee and mcgregor hit his team mate trying to get involved. Khabib is responsible for what happened that night not mcgregor. Btw please no more fake news. d

I don't why i even bother. there is a huge fucking  difference between fights between 2 guys or even teams to what conor did, he got 3 fights cancelled, and injured several people those guys you mention didn't, what defense you are gonna use, in those incidents nobody really got hurt and no fights were cancelled, what conor did was on a different level of stupid, that dolly could have easily killed somone and it would have been directly his fault. 

khabib is responsible fo what happened, but his team aren't responsible for jumping and hitting conor, they were just defending there team like conor was that was my point.

Last edited by quickrick - on 15 October 2018