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Azzanation said:

Look Chazore, I don't know what else to tell you. For those who don't mind gaming on Win10/Xbox obviously don't see an issue with this, for those who hate using Win10/Xbox need to get over the fact that MS are buying studios and unfortunately those who are crying that MS have no games are probably the ones hating this deal. Oh well that's life isn't it. And we cannot do anything about it. Obsidian are the ones that have to sign the deal, MS cannot force there hand.

No you don't know me, if you did than you would see those debates I have with others are normally a select few that hate being proven wrong or misinformed. I will continue to have my stance on that weather you like it or not. For the record I don't even own a OG Xbox and I got a 360 half way in its life which I also use to criticize MS for there off game topics at E3s. I am allowed to change my stance on them now because I see what they are trying to do. Again my opinion and preference.

Your opinion on MS is clearly just your arrogance against the company. That's fine, have it, I honestly couldn't care less. The victors write the history books, I agree with that, much like the victors who wrote the WW1 and WW2 books. Though considering the point you are trying to make on MS being the victors I would hate to see what your thoughts are on those old World Wars we had. But all to our own I guess.

End of the day, Big companies buy little companies.




Again, keep telling yourself that mate, whatever helps you sleep soundly.

Those that do mind, will instead buy from someone else, and that's likely a good outcome, because it means that those other devs out there will in turn gain more support from those who don't want to do business with MS.

Honestly, the only ones crying are the ones bickering at MS on twitter for "exclusives". 

It's life when MS tanks behind everyone else at the end of the day.

"normally a select few that hate being proven wrong", yeah, like you're doing so right now. You play that same card over and over, never admitting to fault or being flat out wrong and always asserting anything MS does>everything else. It's like watching a poorly written comedy sketch, only there's no punchline. You don't have to own an OG Xbox to have an opinion and god forbid anyone else for that matter.

You're the one who's acting all arrogant and cocky mate, don't try to kid yourself here. You clearly care because you respond, and have responded since. Prove that you don't care by taking your own words and putting them into action, rather than acting without a spine.

"though considering you are trying to make on MS being the victors, I would hate to see what your thoughts are", jesus man, you'll spin anything to make MS look good  


Big companies get tanked, smaller companies still thrive, end of story.

Step right up come on in, feel the buzz in your veins, I'm like an chemical electrical right into your brain and I'm the one who killed the Radio, soon you'll all see

So pay up motherfuckers you belong to "V"