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pokoko said:
OTBWY said:

Of course there has always been criticism of EDGE, like any other publication. But it has only picked up lately and you know why. Because of a recent string of disappointing scores.

Oh, I did mix it up I guess, but the other cases I do remember well.

The next time Jim Sterling takes heat for a review, I want you to jump in and say that it's just because of recent scores that people are criticizing him.  I want you to dismiss everything people have had to say about him for years and tell us that none of that matters.  That people only have a problem with him because of recent stuff.  It's going to be interesting.

What you're trying to do is wipe away a long, long history of criticism and I have to wonder why.  

And here I thought I was making the assumptions. I was actually defending Jim for having the right to say whatever he wants, even though I disagreed with the review itself. And the death threats were awful. Having said that, I'm not even on VGC long enough for you to put that on me. And that goes for the guy above as well.

Now on your last comment, I already said that it is recent. With that, I mean the dismissal of EDGE has picked up more than before, it is something that I have noticed these past few EDGE threads. Cause of that in my opinion is a string of disappointing scores for a particular platform. It wasn't that long ago I saw Barkley or Hiku make a list of scores in order to prove a bias over many years, which I found funny considering they gave 10s to many high profile PS games. It is nothing more than that, Pokoko.