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OTBWY said:
pokoko said:

You're trying to tell me that the overall criticism of EDGE, which goes back years, is suddenly invalid because of recent criticism?  No, it's not.   

As far as a petition to remove EDGE's Uncharted 4 score, you might be mixing that up with something else.  EDGE gave UC4 a 9/10.

Of course there has always been criticism of EDGE, like any other publication. But it has only picked up lately and you know why. Because of a recent string of disappointing scores.

Oh, I did mix it up I guess, but the other cases I do remember well.

The next time Jim Sterling takes heat for a review, I want you to jump in and say that it's just because of recent scores that people are criticizing him.  I want you to dismiss everything people have had to say about him for years and tell us that none of that matters.  That people only have a problem with him because of recent stuff.  It's going to be interesting.

What you're trying to do is wipe away a long, long history of criticism and I have to wonder why.