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The reason why there are so many articles hyping up Xcloud and treating it as something revolutionary is because of corporate shills and news outlets trying to generate views. It's as simple as that.

Streaming isn't new because PS Now is about four years old. It works quite well. Experiences can vary but there are many liars who use exaggerations to claim it is bad or people who haven't used it trying to claim it is bad. But now that Microsoft is ripping off Sony (which has become the norm the past 6 years or so) corporate shills want to avoid mentioning PS Now. In fact, some of these news outlets who are treating Xcloud as if it is new are the same outlets who downplayed and ignored PS Now.

Remember, this isn't new behavior. It has become a trend. When Microsoft unveiled Kinect, outlets hyped it up and claimed it was the future. Kinect would've died sooner had journalists not tried to defend it so much.

When Microsoft mentioned cloud power, journalists hyped it up. We still haven't seen it and journalists are quiet about it as if Microsoft had never made the promise.

When Microsoft announced streaming from Xbox to PC over home connections, journalists acted like it was the second coming. Some ignored the fact that it was Microsoft attempting to answer Remote Play. Other journalists actually stated it was superior to Remote Play. Streaming over a home connection only is better than streaming anywhere?

When Microsoft announced the universal windows app program, journalist hyped it as the next evolution of the world.

When Microsoft announced backwards compatibility, journalists made a huge deal about it and used it as ammo against the PS4. However, Xbox 360 backwards compatibility requires you to download the games even if you own a disk based copy.

When Microsoft announced they were backtracking on their no cross play policy, journalists cheered and acted like it was something new.

When Microsoft announced Game Pass, journalists acted like it was some breakthrough innovation. They either ignored PS Now or used Game Pass as a way to downplay PS Now. "No one wants to stream"

Now we have Xcloud, and journalists are doing the same thing.

Microsoft is losing badly and I'm sure there are many people in those news outlets out there who don't like this because they're loyal to Microsoft products and subscriptions. Gaming journalism has become a dumpster fire of click-bait and writers who let their bias influence their coverage. They have clever ways of writing their articles and presenting false narratives as objective reporting. Journalism is corrupted by money and personal, hidden agendas of the writers pretending to be journalists.

Last edited by Enemy - on 14 October 2018