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OTBWY said:
pokoko said:

That's absolutely untrue and an unfounded assumption on your part.  The problems people have had with EDGE go back years.  As long as I've been reading gaming forums, in fact, and well before I joined VGC.  I even remember the Rockstar controversy.  Rather, it looks like EDGE has suddenly earned a lot of new defenders who act like this is something new.

I find it funny that you call out an assumption of mine by returning it with another assumption. Anyway, let's not kid ourselves Pokoko. I have been here and observing too. We know that we had this backlash when Senua, God of War and who could forget, Uncharted 4 (which had a petition going to remove EDGE's score from metacritic) got lower scores than people wanted. If they got perfect scores we wouldn't have this conversation. And that's not right.

And, yes, people dislike EDGE because they give their favorite games low scores.  Why wouldn't they?  What better reason could possibly exist?  From a personal standpoint, they are probably the publication that I trust the least and that's an opinion developed over a long period of time.

It doesn't make it alright. Look, I understand. You have good scores and there is one contrarian score that doesn't make sense. You have those. The difference however imo is that this is a print publication as opposed to a site that needs clicks. I also doubt that many here actually read the reviews to judge them as they did.

You're trying to tell me that the overall criticism of EDGE, which goes back years, is suddenly invalid because of recent criticism?  No, it's not.   

As far as a petition to remove EDGE's Uncharted 4 score, you might be mixing that up with something else.  EDGE gave UC4 a 9/10.