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KazumaKiryu said:
SvennoJ said:
a) Story
I'm leaning towards Heavy rain. Detroit can be very heavy handed at times yet also has more story lines to enjoy.

b) Characters
Detroit has a lot more like-able characters.

c) Gameplay-possibilities Neither
Detroit has a lot more possibilities, however also too many opportunities to slum one characters performance to help others. Sometimes it feels like I'm playing Risk against myself. Kinda pointless. However Heavy rain got spoiled to me as I let certain characters die in my first play through leading to the game simply revealing the culprit. Beyond two souls did it the best imo.

d) Design/graphic/details
Detroit obviously, experience plus a gen up on Heavy rain.

e) Soundtracks
Fahrenheit, the only one where I actually just sat listening to the music.

e) The world/city/atmosphere
Atmosphere: Heavy rain.
World: Detroit

Detroit edges out Heavy rain for length, characters and graphics. It also makes me feel like I'm playing a spreadsheet the most.

For me, Detroit Become Human has the best / most interesting characters of the year :) So many good characters :) In Heavy Rain I liked only 2 characters.

Good to know @Fahrenheit. I'll hear the soundtracks soon :)

ps. The same result, thats awesome : D @Keiji

I don't remember much of the soundtrack, it's more that I remember sitting down to listen to the music when it allows you to put on some music on a record player in game and gives you time to reflect without doing anything. The same happens in Life is strange when you get to listen to music in Chloe's room. I miss that moment of reflection in Detroit and Heavy rain.

The characters in Detroit are all great and I'm currently doing a 3rd play through from the start with all Conner deaths because the reaction of Hank is just too funny :) Poor guy. It is amazing how much you can miss if you do everything wrong. I already did a play through screwing everything up and the game is only half as long. The best is still getting everyone out alive peacefully, although the confrontation options are more fun to play.

It's a great game, just don't analyze it too much. There are a lot of plot holes and some weird transitions merging story lines together again. Plus the game constantly changes the mechanics / constraints of wireless contact between the robots to fit the story. What is brilliant though, is that since you are controlling robots, all the odd movement glitches / walking into walls, getting stuck navigating objects won't take you out of the immersion :)