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Torillian said:
irstupid said:

in that case, good thing it was stopped. Maybe the enacted an alternative, like they could go and get the correct ID for free, but if they didn't implement enough time to do so, it should not have to take into effect till next election. But, I still agree voter ID laws should remain or be enacted.

Every state should supply a free photo ID to anyone that wants one. That ID can be used for anything beyond this big things, like driving and flying.

But people need an ID for alcohol, cigarettes, welfare, food stamps, getting a job, ect. If there are multiple different types out there, then consolidate it into just one type. Make that free to acquire.

I would be fine with a voter ID law if the state sent you the ID for free. I got a social security card for my newborn (at the time) son in the mail so I think a voter ID card should be easy enough. I will specify, however, that I do not think that the republicans have met the burden of proof to implicate that voter fraud is enough of an issue to warrant imposing restrictions on one of our most important rights. I would only be in favor of such laws if they imposed basically no barrier to those that should be voting.

Little hard to send it in the mail, considering it needs to have a photo. I guess for passport, I went to costco/sams club or something and got my photo taken there cause they do that and then sent it in.

But what restrictions would there be to getting an ID? Just prove you're a citizen. 

Like I said, they need to get an ID for lots of things like alcohol, cigs, welfare, job, ect. Getting an ID is not rocket science, hard or expensive. Most people too bothered to get an ID would be too bothered to vote.