Torillian said:
melbye said:

Excuse my ignorance as a non-American but what exactly is racist about voter ID laws? Like i said in another thread the other day where i am from if you can't show ID then no voting for you. You should be obligated to prove that you are who you say you are when doing something as important as voting

In the case I am referencing republican lawmakers asked for voter information by race and then made laws that disallowed the kind of ID that black people use and closed polling centers in places that were mostly black. So yeah, that voter ID law was racist. It's quite possible that it was done solely from a rational of "they don't vote for us" but the end result is still racist and the courts agree. 

Can I get a link to that? I've never heard that before.

Besides, what would he need extra voter info by race for? You want race info, just look at the census done every so many years. On those, you have to list race, ect. They could tell then what district race make-up is and just look at the prior voting results and extrapolate from there how races are voting.

Most voter ID situations I hear involve wanting voter ID. People screaming its discriminatory, and yet the state saying they will provide free ID's. So even "IF" the id's black people had (why would their ID's be any different than anyone else's?) were not allowed, they could just go and get a new one for free.