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So question to the bolded. You don't think the political side with literal nazis running for office, "race realists", and voter ID rulings that have been ruled by a court of law to be racist is the side that's keeping racism alive? What political leanings do you think the guys who marched and shouted about "jews will not replace us" have? Maybe I missed the part where they yelled "jews will not replace us..... also I really think we need to consider sensible gun control and the benefits of universal health care?"

Is your argument that if the left stopped being so mean to Kanye that all the things above would go away naturally?

Excuse my ignorance as a non-American but what exactly is racist about voter ID laws? Like i said in another thread the other day where i am from if you can't show ID then no voting for you. You should be obligated to prove that you are who you say you are when doing something as important as voting

It sounds so basic and easy don't it? I've tried talking to a friend once while out drinking about voter ID laws. He said it was discriminatory, racists, unfair to poor, ect.

The argument goes something like this:  Requiring a valid form of photographic identification for the purposes of voting will disenfranchise minority voters because minority voters tend to be the poorest and thus many minority voters do not have photo identification because they cannot afford them or are unable to travel to the various agencies that issue photo IDs.  Therefore requiring a valid photo identification is a scheme devised by Republicans to disenfranchise minority voters who tend to vote in favor of Democrats.

Here are things that require a photo ID in America:

Going on plane, driving a car, buying a gun, opening a bank account.  - So far, I would say poor people would not need an ID. They could survive.

Alcohal, Tobacco, a PO Box, unemployment, many states require it for food stamps and welfare (that includes California), public housing. - Ok, so are these super poor people not suing food stamps, welfare and public housing? Are they opting out of things that could help them because it is too hard to go and get a free ID? Those government assistance programs require ID, because they want to stop fraud. You know me, a middle class person making a fake name to get welfare on top of my paycheck. Are you proponents suggesting that poor people don't buy cigarettes or alcohol?

Now lets say somehow the person doesn't need or use ANY of the above things. Ok. Then tell me how they can't afford to hop on a bus and waste half a day getting a free ID from somewhere. If they can't for monetary reason, then I say the ID will let them also get some financial assistance and help them even more. They've argued that "oh, they have a job that they can't leave or they will get fired, so no time to get one. It's closed whenever they are not working" My response? Didn't you job require a photo ID to start? All mine I my life have. They also required Social Security number and filling out a W4. The only job one can have that doesn't require that is one that is illegal. You are being paid off the books with cash. To that I say, why not get a photo ID and also collect welfare? You job is paying you off the books, so the government thinks you are completely broke and jobless. Go on welfare and cheat the system basically.

There is zero reason NOT to have a photo ID, let alone the BS excuse that they can't afford to get one.