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Dr.Vita said:
Great to see the Playstation 4 version to be the best selling one! #BestPlaceToPlay

Wouldn't be surprised if this was the last Fifa game from EA for the Switch.

I would be surprised.

Fifa 18 sold 1 million on the Switch. That's one-third of Xbox One's 3 million and more than PS3 (0.5) and Xbox360 (0.25) combined. It also had a similar opening in the UK at 8,000 compared to Xbox's 0.3 million and PS4's 0.5 million. It's possible that global sales decrease or that 1 million sales aren't profitable enough to port/localize it, but both seem unlikely. The Switch's userbase continues to grow suggesting that sales will increase and if EA still produced Fifa 19 versions for PS3 and Xbox360 after the low sales for Fifa 18 on both of them it suggests that those sales are enough to be profitable.