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I actually just finished the last chapter of Detroit and my reaction was, Fuck you. I'm currently waiting for the unskippable credits to end then hopefully there is a save point to fix the last seconds, as I had no clue what I was looking for. Come on, that's no way to end a game. Even the spoil the plot ending when you 'fail' in heavy rain was not that bad. Hurry up credits, better not make me replay the full hour and a half again. How long are these credits.

Luckily it was only 15 minutes to replay, credits rolling again, it didn't make any real difference except making me angry at the end instead of leaving me satisfied as I was up until the final 30 seconds. Well done! lol. Now I have seen the flowcharts with whole pages of stuff that I skipped or is in other branches. Hmm, can't skip any of the boring parts while replaying. That is kind of a fundamental problem with these kind of choose your story games. I'm always left with what if. In his previous games it wasn't too much work to experience the 'rest' of the game, yet here it feels rather too much. Damn those story branches look complicated.

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 12 October 2018