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Apple was a bit early to the party when they completely ditched USB 3.1 in favor of USB-C, but yes, within time Type C will become the new universal standard. while all previous USB enhancements have simply focused on increasing data speeds, Type C is more of a complete technical overhaul, and while a lot of it is super sophisticated computer terms, heres just a general breakdown of the advantages USB-C has over the standard USB 3.1

-the Type C header is symmetrical so you wont have to stumble trying to actually plug it into the port
-Type C is able to simultaneously handle charging and data transfers. USB was originally only built to handle one at a time, meaning devices would either have to sacrifice data speed in order to supply the device with power, or require external power sources. Type C is able to do both at the same time with no throttling at all
-Type C uses a more unified architecture that can swap between different functions such as HDMI, audio, or the already stated charging and data transfer cable. it basically presents to opportunity to have all devices run through a single connector type. or to put it more simply, your phone charger could also be used to charge your laptop
-Type C is formatted for a higher power draw, allowing charging speeds to be 10x faster than standard USB charging