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Hi all, just an opinion from you guys….I’m quite into tech gadgets and all and follow the industry quite a bit.  In regards to most recent laptops, smartphones, tablets and other 2 in 1 devices I notice that the USBC adoption is increasing on these devices. People tend to talk this up as the way of the future.  At the same time however whilst adoption has increased there has been a surge in consumers requiring USB C to A adapters, chords, dongles and the like and with this there seems to be quite a bit of frustration among consumers . Funnily, Apple being one of the first to adopt USB C for their Mac line of products seems to have caused a fair bit of frustration and backlash with their user base.  Conversely Microsoft has just launched the next generation of Surface Hardware (Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2) with just USB A ports, meaning that their users will also need to purchase dongles and adapters for those with USB C devices. And this seems to be pissing off just as many potential consumers who want USB C portability.  Oddly though, they introduced the USB C for just a couple of their devices released in the last 12 months such as for the Surface Book 2 and Surface Go. – So what’s with the confusing strategy there?? Are they having a 2 way bet?? Also some of the premium phone makers are going exclusively with USB C such as Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel.  So having said all that is the USB C a must for current releases of phones, tablets and computers or is it just another attempt by the industry to divide and confuse the market thus making them spend more money on work around gadgets like adapters, plugs and connectors? Personally I don’t think it as big a deal as the adapter/ dongle solution is and always will be there, but that just adds to the cost of what already are premium products in many cases I guess.

What do you guys think? USB A or USB C or Meh?? Would it make or break your decision to buy your next phone/tablet/laptop product?

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