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quickrick said:
Kerotan said:

How many of those followers are muslims from countries that won't be buying the PPV? YouTube an instagram are filled with khabibs new found muslim fans from places like india and the middle east. If khabib fights tony Ferguson next for the title it won't even break 1 million PPV. And this isn't anything against these muslim fans they just live in countries where they generally can't afford these expensive PPV.

Double standards again my friend. Khabib could have killed somebody too. As Max Holloway tweeted his little kid is always ringside when he fights/ What he he was there and Khabib landed on him. Or if Mcgregors son was there. Probably more likely to kill someone that when they with a window smashing in front of them. It just find this crazy that you are so biased in this situation. I've always liked both fighters but i can see it how it is. Both guys are decent men most of the time but both have major downsides too. Which is worse? it doesn't matter. You don't hear people arguing over who's worse between Hitler or Stalin. Extreme example but it's all i could think of lol. 

it's not about being biased khabib was  going after another fighter in a crowd with his hands, sure it's possible someone could have got killed, but extremely unlikely, and security already knew they had to be ready. conor threw a dolly at bus full of people that had nothing to do with the beef, with all his strength, that easily a deadly weapon could have went through the window and hit someone in the head and killed them,. that incident only happened with khabib because conor kept calling him a pussy for staying on the bus he got to khabib mentally, but imo the bus was extremely stupid on conors part, he would have to do serious time, unlike khabib it would hard to charge him for murder if someone died

middle east has many rich countries, india is not muslim country, and plus he's  russian which he's a huge star there right now, i wouldn't be surprised if it does  million.

India is partially Muslim.


And here we go again with your bias. You justify khabibs attack but you don't justify mcgregors. Mcgregor did it because he was standing up for his buddy artem getting cornered and slapped by khabib the day before. Why do you justify it for one and not the other? 


McGregor could have killed an innocent member on the bus, khabib could have landed on a kid or even just anyone's neck and killed them. Neither was better then the other. 


What you gonna say next, khabib could throw mcgregor off a cliff and it be OK? 


Rick just do yourself a favour and stop.