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I am very conflicted on this whole Kanye thing. There is definitely an argument to be made for the fact that he is being tolerant towards intolerance. And it also would take a shit ton of time to fact check a lot of the statements he's made and stances he's taken. 

On the other hand ... damn ... this is the kind of stuff we need more. Positive efforts for improvement. I think a big problem with how our country is run now is that socially Democrats focus a lot on how bad this country is. They don't echo positivity, hell, a lot of them wanted to move to Canada just to exaggerate their hate for Trump. Wallowing in negativity is not a good way to improve the country. 

The best way to summarize it is that Kanye may be right to an extent ... but it's hard to know where the extent of his statements stops or begins. He is just so over the top whenever he explains a concept that I think it rubs people the wrong way. An example would be when he says that liberals use the concept of racism to try and steer black  voters away from the republican party. While that is true, how much of that is legitimate and how much of that is a farce by the liberals? Oh ... he didn't say, all he basically said was that racism is not something to be believed in as an issue. 

Lot of great things said, lot of things that go maybe a little too far. 

Also "I don't answer questions in soundbites" gotta admit ... that's a fucking brilliant statement.