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Kerotan said:
quickrick said:

uh so it was  all a misunderstanding. he  really was just patting him on the back no slapping it was like a pat om the back you boy got whooped, and dillon took offense to that and pushed him, i guess khabib thought it was on.

Khabib lost the head. If mcgregor did that he'd be the biggest scumbag of all time in many peoples book. 


PPV estimates are in and its looking like this did over 2.4m ppv buys. Truly insane and mcgregor just keeps on breaking records. The true money man. 

he threw a dolly at bus full of people, could have killed someone, and injured people. all khabib did was go after dillion in a crowded area, and no one was hurt. so i have no idea what you talking about but ok...

Yes conor is the money man, but khabib is the second biggest name in UFC behind him, he has 12 million instagram followers. a rematch would do maybe 3.5 million, but khabi might quit UFC, cause they banned his teammate.