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EspadaGrim said:
Pemalite said:
This is kinda' the entire industries fault.
People complained about the lack of games, so obviously Microsoft is going to go shopping to rectify said criticisms.

IMO it has more to do with the the rising cost of developing games, big independent studios nowadays are being bought up by Outside Investors/Parent Company's. It's getting hard to survive out there and next gen being around the corner won't help those studios either.

My take on it is, Independents will in the main exist in just a few forms, one is small scale teams doing a combination of making their own ip and contract work in the mobile space another is specialists; by that I mean more independents looking at where the demand is heading in relation to outsourced game related production and becoming more specialised in that direction, an example  might be rather than trying to sell a game proposal to a publisher who most likely want the ip in return for funding, we might see more emphasis on obtaining a contract for remasters/ remakes as a cheaper way to keep afloat and a better way to showcase your talent to the world and it might be a pathway  into becoming the next type of independent the second party studio, these will still be around in some form but even though they are more secure than 3rd party independents they still live with the same realities that affect 3rd parties, that is unless your studio owns one or preferably more successful IP's you will be forever chasing your tail , there are some exemptions like Insomniac but even with all the successful games they created they have had to heavily  rely on Sony and to a lesser extent MS, one of the reasons they spent money on  Fuse rather than do  another second party game at that time was the fact having your own hit game lessens that reliance .  The moral to this story owning, successful ip matters, it might not stop you eventually being swallowed up, but it can help you determine in exactly whose mouth you end up in.