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Chazore said:
EspadaGrim said:

IMO it has more to do with the the rising cost of developing games, big independent studios nowadays are being bought up by Outside Investors/Parent Company's. It's getting hard to survive out there and next gen being around the corner won't help those studios either.

Not every game costs a few hundred mil to make, and even then a lot of those AAA games end up spending a lot more on merch and marketing than the game itself.


Also, I'd rather not every single IP known to man be snatched up and locked behind each of the big 3 either, let alone PC IP's. 

Yeah not every game cost that much to make but even Hellblade that cost around 10 million to make was still a big risk for Ninja Theory, they also had many of their game pitches turned down by publishers and had to do freelance work in order to keep the lights on. Obsidian needed to use crowdfunding to make their games and were at the brink of being Bankrupt.